2 B1s in place of B2

Hello fellow Bose enthusiast. I have a L1 M2 and I was thinking of retiring my B2 with much regret, as I love the sound. I can't deal with the weight and size with my shoulders. I'm a solo guitarist and vocalist. I play acoustic and electric. I use a Trio to make my backing tracks. The bass, drums and various keyboards, sound awesome through my current configuration. I don't D J though I have used it a number of times in theaters and outdoors events. I'm worried that the system will loose it's warm, big presence.  I'm also concerned about the vocals loosing something. After all the 2 10" speakers have to have an advantage over the smaller drivers.I have never used 2 B1s so I'm unsure of the outcome. Much more manageable physically. As we all know the B2 is 8 ohms at 250w. The B1 is 4 ohms at 125w. I don't want to loose the additional power using just 1 B1. I would appreciate any real world experience. When I first got the system I had used it with one B1 and an EV ZXA1 sub connected to the bass line out.  The EV was too heavy and had to go. The sound was amazing though. The Ev handled everything from 100Hz down and the B1 did its amazing 200hz and above, with its clear punchy thing. It was the best of both worlds. Thanks for any input.