3D mouse support

Dear Bose engineers,

Does Modeler support any 3D mouse?

Thanks for your reply.

Dear Thomas,

From my point of view, it is a totally different experience to work on any 3D model with the cooperation of the 3D mouse.


And one important thing:

Something that drives me crazy is controlling the camera's view. It is unnatural to use Shift and Ctrl key to control the rotation around the X- and Y-axis. Why is it not possible to control this with the mouse?


Dear Martin,

Modeler does not offer native support of any specific mouse hardware.

I'm not familiar with 3D mice but I'd assume that one can program buttons etc. So maybe assigning some keyboard/mouse combinations is already doing the trick.

Shift-Scroll, Ctrl-Scroll, Shift-Ctrl-Scroll, Shift-Click, Ctrl-Click etc. would be typical functions to assign. A list of shortcuts is available in the Web tab of the Model window but the mouse controls are not documented such as the tools for Model and Camera View.

Hope this helps.

Best rgds,


Hi Martin,

Thanks for the link, I understand how it works. But I think we need to take a bit of a step back here and clearly realize the differences between CAD software and an acoustical simulation program.

For the latter category, Modeler offers probably the most options to create relatively complex shapes. That's actually why so many of us still create geometry in Modeler and e.g. not in SketchUp.

Whether something is "natural" is probably more a matter of taste and being used to a certain modelling program. I can walk quite interactively inside a model without getting too crazy. And yes, every time I work in SketchUp, I use Modeler's keyboard shortcuts. And vice versa. It's a pain. But there will never ever be identical keyboard shortcuts in all CAD programs.

Again, Modeler is neither a rendering software nor a computer game. There are lighting and other rendering artefacts. But the focus is really on fast yet accurate acoustical predictions and less on making pretty pictures. If you need to do something very complex where Modeler doesn't offer the appropriate tools, please create the model in e.g. SketchUp and use the import/export functions.

Hope this helps to better understand the current feature set.

Best rgds,