Are the single rack space ESP units still being shipped with 1.040 firmware?

Hello Base Ops team,

Does anyone happen to know if the single rack space ESP units are still being shipped with the old 1.040 firmware that had communication issues with the CC-16? I have a health club here in Atlanta that is experiencing Com Failure with their CC-16 on their grand opening event but it has been working fine for the last several days. I am wondering if the installer forgot to update the firmware during the installation or if we have another issue.

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Yes, the “fixed I/O” ESPs have been shipping since April with v1.041 which fixes the issue of the processor locking up if not connected to another networked device.
We also posted the new version of CSD at the time that included the latest firmware.

However, we did not upgrade inventory (thinking that all units will be upgraded by CSD automatically) and there were many units in inventory at the time so it is very likely that dealers received units with v1.040.

If a dealer was using older CSD and received a fixed I/O ESP with v1.040 they would experience this issue.
The resolution of course is to request they download the latest CSD and upgrade.

Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused,

Thanks Darryl,

This appears to be the issue as several of the locations in this fitness chain are experiencing CC-16 com failures.
Are we having the same issues with the non-networked PowerMatch amps shipping with the old Firmware?
Will the new 4.046 software still connect with the ESP and PowerMatch devices with the older firmware? I have no way of checking in my shop - I no longer have that version of software on my computer to roll back any of my gear here to check.