Asymmetric RoomMatch arrays mirror incorrectly

Hi all,

here are some observations regarding mirroring of asymmetric RoomMatch arrays.

Originally, we intended to have Modeler automatically switch the horizontal angles from L to R and vice versa for asymmetric arrays, once they are mirrored. Apparently, this is not working as expected in all cases. After some debugging, Matthias Burkel and I found that it seems to be necessary for proper mirroring that the array in question is either currently set to ‘Auto Layout’ or has once been set to AL in the creation process. Some examples:

What should do the trick:

  • Place RM array. Select Auto Layout and Asymmetric. Create array automatically. Mirror.
  • Place RM array. Select Auto Layout and Asymmetric. De-Select Auto Layout. Modify array manually. Mirror.

What doesn’t work:
  • Place RM array. Create array manually. Mirror.
  • Place RM array. Select Auto Layout. De-Select Auto Layout. Create array manually. Mirror.

So it seems the pre-conditions are “Auto Layout” AND “Asymmetric”.

Let us know if you see any other behavior.

Best rgds,