Bose L1 Buzzing Even after purchasing new cables

Buzzing and Hissing Noise

I am using 2 x L1 Compacts connected to my ToneMatch. One is connected to main output and two in connected to the aux channel. On advise from this forum I purchased two good quality
Mogami Quad 2534 Cable | Gold 1/4" TRS to 90º TRS cables. However the hissing sound is still audible. I cannot turn the volume on the L1 to more than 50% otherwise the hissing is terrible. I cant have this hissing noise at my gigs so what do I do, any ideas ? Please help

Hello SoundInfuzions,

It’s certainly an unusual issue you seem to be getting. There a are a couple things we may want to try to pinpoint where the issue is occurring. First, are both L1’s hissing? Or is it a specific L1. If the L1’s were to be switched does the issue follow the L1 in use or the Aux or Main output being used on the T1? By determining this we can begin to figure out if we’re having an output issue on the Tonematch or an input issue on a specific L1 Compact. You may also want to see if the hissing occurs without the Tonematch, using any other source connected directly to either L1. You may also want to see if you can determine if a given input on the Tonematch is contributing a hiss. You can do this by muting all inputs but one and adjusting the volume of each L1. If possible, try to call our technical support number below so that we can troubleshoot with you and the equipment over the phone. That way we can walk through each scenario and determine the best fix.

Thank you,