Bose L1 Compact larger L1 model = stereo?

Hi guys! The first time I write in here.

Instead of having two equal Compacts for stereo, has some experience with replacing one of them with a larger model, will this work with different PAs?

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If you don't push the volume to the limits of the L1® Compact, you can get some good stereo results with an L1® Compact and an L1® Model 1S or L1® Model II.

There are some interesting differences between the models.

The L1® Compact goes down to around 65 Hz.

The L1® Model 1S and Model II go down to around 40 Hz.

At moderate volume, if you are not deliberately listening for differences of a mismatched pair, you may not notice a big difference especially if the listeners are moving around in the sound field.

You will be more aware of the differences between the models as you move farther away from them. The larger L1®s drop-off in volume more gradually than the L1® Compact. If the two units are the same volume on stage, as you move farther away, the sound of a larger L1® will be louder than the L1® Compact. At a greater distance, you may hear only the larger L1®.

Does that help? What else would you like to know?

How large is the space where you will be using your two L1®s (L1® Compact plus something else)?


Thank you for your answer! and nice to be here. This was a more general question. Based on that I hope to get jobs on different places with different space. I now there is several factors to consider, but with your answer I feel that I am not doomed to fail. There could be something that I had forgotten to think about.

There are discussions on Internet about using two Compacts, but not much about using different models.
I think that with different size, you can chose between the most lightweigt, a sufficient sound level, best sounding and a resonable prized solution you wish for the current performance. For instance I love my sound of organ with Leslie simulator on my arranger keyboards. Then I do not have to carry and to pay for two heavy L1 model ll.


did you try mismatch it!!l1 compact with l1 model 2 in stereo mode??hows the sound?does it go loud?im planning the same way coz i got 1 l1 model 1s with b2 bass for dj in hall qround 200-300 people mostly hiphop and salsa

1. Today I was playing with my Bose L1 compact in stereo, but not together with another Bose, because I don't have one yet. Instead I had to use an ordinary 12 or 15 inch? speaker together with my Compact.
I had prepared myself with a cheap graphic equalizer with long cables, out on the dance floor. My hypopthesis was that I had to mix to change the frequency response, especially in the higher frequences, and not so much in the lower. Because the higher frequencies are more directed straightforward and have more impact on the stereo sound.
Possibly I could have achachieved a better sound with more equalizing, but actually I ended up with cutting out the EQ, with something I believe was an acceptable result!! The good qualities of bouth completed each other.
(May be there can be some advantages because of the narrower angle of the sound comming from the second speaker, that give a better stereo separation of the sound when they are standing near each other?)

2. ...further three things I have to say here:
2.1 First is that the posision of the speakers have lot to say, and possibility to place them.
I had a limited area I could use in a big room, 25 x 15 meter and may be 150 people. (I played with ONLY the Compact there the last time...). So I placed the Compact on my right side, in the corner, 1,5 meters away from bouth walls.
That will encrease especially the bass sound of the Compact. The sound will stop on the right side and work like a fence that gets the sound go forwards. That makes the Compact stronger and more equal compared to the other speaker.
2.2 Second is that people that was sitting 90 degrees wrong relative to sound. That means that if sound are not panned to much to one side, I do not think they will hear if the sound from Compact not reached long enough(?)
2.3 Third is:
ST writes: << If you don't push the volume to the limits of the L1® Compact, you can get some good stereo results... >>
So about the sound quality when the volume is high on the Compact.
I have a "SPLnFFT Noise Meter", I bought from the Appstore that I think is good. (Does somebody knows if there exist a better app out there that are prefered by professonals...?)
I would like to have 80-90 dB(A) one meter from the Compact. May be a DJ want much more?? Well, this was measured in the beginning, before people come.
May be it was louder in the end, and after they had get used after 1.5 - 2 hours and with better sound? I did not measure the level at the end. Anyway at the end the volume was set to 11 o'clock, the keyboard volume was maximum and the light indicator turned a very little red. So it was the maximum sound press level I could get out it.

But before start, then the Compact went higher than 80,  it was hard to my ears that are more sensive than others ears, if I stand to near and not at the back side.
Last week I heared a Bose L1 Model ll at the same place as mine. I stood right in front of it, and measured 93 dB, WITHOUT the sharp sound I more or less had the whole evening.
The spesifications of the Compact tells that maxium sound press level (SPL) is 106 dB continious and 112 dB SPL peak. I don't know what that mean. Is there any requirements to sound quality here?
Anyway, If I only had taken the LEFT channel signal out of the headphone output of my keyboard, then I think the sound are quite as well as the mono Left Right output, where these are mixed together in a sound that is not so natural.
Therefor I will suppose that ANY audible sound from the RIGHT channel on my keyboard to MY COMPACT should give a better total stereo sound from my keyboard.
For DJs I suppose it have with the recordings to do. Some very old recordings are VERY panned to left and right. Try it on your stereo with different volume on left and right channel.

3. dj sob-lib writes: << for dj in hall qround 200-300 people mostly hiphop and salsa >>
I am not an expert on this. I don't know if you have possibility. But if you can measure the sound press level on this place under same conditions. It is not sure that you want the same sound press level back in the hall as you have at the dance floor.
If I understand the teori right, when you measure the dBs on a distanse from the speaker, and dobles this distance, THEORETICALLY (if it had been in free air and without reflections) every time you dobble, you will get a 3 db decrease you can subtract every time.
For instance distance 1m: 2m=-3dB 4m=-6dB 8m=-9dB
2m: 4m=-3dB 8m=-6m 16m=-9dB
3m: 6m=-3dB 12m=-6dB 24m=-12db
Tell me if this should be wrong, and I am teaching you heresy 😉
Can you test this in practice?
Number of people is one thing.
But how far away are you from speakers? Are people sitting or standing? Are people drinking and talking lound?

the hall im taking about is the size of a basketball gym and the dance floor is like 50 feet by 80 feet roughly estimate..and around 50 to 100 dancing and the crowd is loud...but ill be using my 2 prx 715xlf on this L1 model 1s just to carry more my question is will the bose be loud enough for this type of crowd if one is l1 compact and the other one is l1 model 1s

Your hall has the same size as where I played. Don't know your prx.
But where the my non-Bose speaker was placed there was a closet, and the roof was only about 2,5 meter. So I had to place it near the closet and a towards the roof to get more bass out of it.
It worked well for me, but I don't need so much bass in my music as you with your HipHop. I have not tried with the speaker on the floor.
My own experience with Bose, is only two times playing with my Compact (and listening to the other guy's L1 Model ll).
But from what i have read the L1 1S is for up to 300 people, and the Compact is for up to 100 people. I guess that adding a Compact will not make the sound reach much longer distanse in front, but to the sides.

ok thanks i guess ill try it next month for my gig aloha

dj sob-lib, it would have been good if you had shared, if there will be useful experience and discoveries after your gig next month!

Difficult to find useful information about this subject elsewhere on the Internet.