Chasing perfect tone

Hi, I have returned to post the result of my quest for perfect tone.

I am playing a new Taylor T5 Custom through a TC Helicon Play Acoustic, into the T4s, then on to an L1-1s B2. For vocals a Sennheiser e945 through the same path as the guitar. I have spent countless hours trying to dial in the perfect tone using the Play Acoustic, only ending in frustration. So I tried running the guitar flat through the Play Acoustic and using the T5 preset in the T4s. This was better but still not exactly what I was wanting. But it didn't take long to dial in the tone I was chasing with the zEQ and Para EQ. Just so much better than the Play Acoustic. So now all my Play Acoustic presets are set to flat.So now I have 3 presets that all sound good for the T5 on the T4s, this includes the Bose T5 preset and my 2 custom presets, one using the Bose T5 but modified slightly, and another using the Bose Flat preset that I modified. At present I am thinking I will probably settle on something in between the Bose T5 preset and my modified version of it.

Even the vocals I found the T4s sounded better than the Play Acoustic, using one of the presets and slightly modifying it. I used the Audix OM6 preset and added some Mid, rolled off a bit of bass. I couldn't detect much difference if any between many of the vocal presets, I just used one that sounded about the best.

What I am now using the Play Acoustic for, is mainly harmonies. But also for guitar effects, even though I think I prefer the sound of the Bose ones, it's just more convenient to switch them with them Play Acoustic, as I have a separate preset for every song that I do. Same with vocal effects, my vocal effects can change a lot depending on the song. Would be lovely if Bose built all of this as well into a foot pedal or something? And have it all able to be automated with a backing track like the TC Helicon Voice Live 3 Xtreme, which I have been considering buying. But now I don't know.

Anyway hope this helps someone. And provides useful feedback for Bose.

BTW, I found this to be very enlightening:

Speedy, in that I am new to Bose you might be able to help me with my following question.  I am wanting to buy a L1 Compact for the ease of set up for smaller venues.  I have been putting my guitar and vocals through a TC Helicon Voice Live Play GTX into my PA with good results.  Am I to understand that if I run out of my Voice Live Play GTX into the Bose L1 Compact and place the Tone Match switch into the Line Level position that I will not have to make further adjustments to the Voice Live Play effects?  In other words the L1 Compact will just act as a "straight" PA system (to replace my other PA) at that point?  

What I think your asking is can you pass the signal from the outputs of your GTX through the Bose Mixer to the L1 without any thing added from the Bose Mixer. The answer is yes you can.