Combining L1 with FOH support

I Play in a band which uses backing tracks and an L1s. We are a 3 piece , and have an accoustic dummer, electric guitar, and 2 singers.

I'm looking at expanding the system to cover bigger rooms if needed. Can someone give me ideas for an upgrade. I'm thinking the optimum would be to add a full F1 system for FOH, or alternatively 2 x F1 812 speakers for extra girth. Would these speakers all match well in a live setting ? Or is there a better solution?


Supersonic....if this helps you out, I just posted this F1 review on Sweewater's website.  I was an L1 user for years also.  But it just seemed to lack that "punch" I needed when I played for bigger crowds.  So I traded up to the F1.  Here was what I wrote:

As a veteran DJ of 34 years, I've owned many sound systems over the years, and have tried several different leading brand names. By far, a pair of the Bose F1 packages (812s with subs) is the greatest system I've ever owned. I'm constantly striving for the "PERFECT" sound, and the flexible array of the 812 offers the opportunity to do that. And it all fits in a Ford Escape! Now that I've hit the age of 50, I wanted to get away from hauling the big 130 pound speakers and back-breaking subs I had before. Now, I still get the BIG booming sound those heavy old school subs and speakers had, without waking up with a sore lower back the next day! And if I'm doing a small event, I can leave the subs at home and bring just the 812's on stands. A flip of a switch puts them in "full range" mode, making for even less to haul in when you simply don't need all the extra low end! Clearly, Bose thought of everything a DJ needed here. Even without subs, the mains still offer plenty of amazing sound. But with the subs, the sound is just amazing! I can't tell you how many times people have come up to me and told me how clean and crisp my sound system is. Plus, with the design, it just looks totally badass! One more's Bose. Yes, it's a little more costly than the other brands. But I have complete confidence I'll set it up gig after gig, and it'll just work exactly as I need it to.

Thanks for the input Tony. I have no doubt that the F1 system would be great, I did hear one in a store and was amazed with how compact it is. Being in a band I need foldback as well as FOH so I need to find the best and most compact system to cover both. So my thinking was to keep the L1s to cover folback as well as some FOH spill, and then something extra speakers to add for FOH re enforcement.

Forgot to mention that I am using a B2 with my L1.

Supersonic....I also used the L1 Model II with a pair of B2 bass units, coupled with a Packlite amp.  For most gigs I did, it was fine.  But there were those few jobs I'd do every year that just required much more bang than the L1 could give.  So after looking for something that could provide that, and NOT destroy my lower back in the process, I ended up with a pair of F1 systems. Trust me, it's honestly been the best system I've ever owned.  The sound is amazing, but the fact that it packs THAT much punch into such a compact system is just amazing.  And the adjustable baffle on the 812 is just a killer feature.  It's like a concert line array in a portable little unit.

My advice, get two.  You won't regret it. 

Just reporting back. I bought 2x F1 812 tops, will see how they go with the L1s and B2.