ControlSpace ESP-880A

Hi guys

Can you connect up to 9 CC-16 to the ESP 880AD, each CC-16 are installed in 9 different rooms to control the rooms they are installed remotely. what is the ideal connection to apply in installing the CC-16. Thanks

Thanks for your help, really appreciate it. i would like to ask, can i use other connections such as series or parallel connection? the manual didn't really specify, thank you.

Personally I advise for RS485 to daisy chain the CC-16 and terminate the last CC-16.
But parallel is also possible, but harder to terminate (terminal the longest cable run)


Hello Evidence,

Yes you can connect up-to 15 CC-16s to a single ESP-880AD.

Personally I advise to connect them in daisy chain and terminate the last CC-16.
But please also check the CC-16 installation guide