CSR driving a PowerMatch Network Amplifier

Hello everyone,

I have two different installations where the resellers (from 2 different company) have noticed a communication lost with CSR App, installed on both iOS devices and Windows PC with a wired RJ45 connection (less than 8 devices as it is the limitation of our system). This com failure appears after two/three days or sometimes a week of use maximum. The strange thing is that the PM is still responding when we ping it and when we make the connection with CSDesigner, but not with CSRemote anymore. The only thing we have found to get back the connection is to modify the IP address manually with front panel, reboot the amp and then put the the previous address back (the one filled in CSR), and reboot again the amp. The Switch is not manageable in one site, very basic models (I don't have the reference for now) and manageable for the second installation. Both Amp have a fixed IP address.

The issue seems to come from the Ethernet card of the Amp or from the CSRemote software. We already investigate the "lease time" setting, but even if we deactivate it, it's still loosing the communication after several days.

Any Idea please?

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Hi Guillaume,

Thank you for you post and we will investigate this issue.

We will get back to you within 5 working days (through the forum or by email)

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi Guillaume, I have the same experience too, and i also thought it was the Ethernet card & CSRapp, did the same with changing to a simple switch, after couple of weeks, we realized the temperature was properly the caused. After we installed a fan to cool down the PM amp, the problem seems to go away. The amp was probably circulating hot air back to itself. You can try to investigate on this.

Thanks for the feedback experience.

I'm going to ask for the room temperature on site.


Hi Guillaume,

Just want let you know that we are still testing your scenario.
Hope to have more information soon.