CSR MIMO Panel Application and Page Locks

Now that we have a Room Combiner interface and conference room router for ControlSpace Remote, we need to be able to lock the Remote Application to the MIMO tablet, so that a user can't accidentally quit the app. In addition, if we could add a access code to a collection, we could secure a combining UI (or any other collection) that would be accessible only to authorized users. Multiple level access codes would be even better.

I second that request! I have worked on several projects recently where they wanted to use a Mimo tablet or a iPad for control but wanted a "locked" section for the techs to use to reconfigure the system or adjust levels but did not want to have to use a separate device in order to control these things.

Hi Brian / Bruce,

Thank you for informing what the field needs.
I will log this as a feature request.

On the panel lock, I will come back soon....



maybe, while the panel lock is being implemented,  the idea I attach here can be useful (I highlighted the correct buttons).

The same idea can be changed into regions of the screen to be pushed sequentially.

Best regards.

Creative Moreno 🙂

Another simple way would be to create a "hidden button"

  • Add a region
  • Make it as big/small as you want
  • Change the Alpha channel of Field Color and Border Color to 0
  • Link path to other panel

So you have to know where the hidden button is located to jump to the new panel.


I've improved (at least I think I did 🙂 ) the pin code design Moreno created. 
It will give you feedback when a key is pressed
Will display message if pin code is incorrect

See attached


This is very clever guys.  Will come into use for me.