Dante Device Naming


During a training I was conducting this week we reviewed Dante configuration within ControlSpace. We included a workshop where everyone went in and configured a small Dante set-up.

A few people accidentally renamed two Dante Devices on the same network with the same Name in the Status tab. When this happened ControlSpace seemed to treat them as one device. Dante Controller was able to resolve this a little better by adding (2) after one of the device names, but was still not able to correctly modify a device until the second was offline. In a few cases we also needed to reboot the device before we were able to make the changes needed.

In all cases we were able to get everything back to life (luckily no firmware updates were sent).

This post is just an FYI to others, please be careful when updating the device name to avoid creating conflicts on the network.

Also a feature request, under product type within the Status tab we list the Dante card type, it would be helpful to include the device which could house that card, at least showing if it is an amp or a processor would be a big help. If we could take it a step further and provide the specific device information, host device as named within control space, that would be even better.