Dante Endpoint Control / Dante Isolated Network other IP range


I have a project where Dante and Control are separated.
With an EX-1280C (Dante Isolated Network).

The Dante network is also in a different IP range than the Control network.

My question now is whether the endpoint control (GPIO) of an EX-8ML still works.

Or you have to choose a different network topology.

It is imperative that Dante and Control are separated.

Thank you very much for your ideas and feedback!


Hi Stefan,

You won't be able to 'talk to' the EX-8ML with the EX-1280C directly, when it's in isolated mode with separate networks. The EX-8ML can still accept SoIP (API control) because it's permanently in 'switched' mode (combined control/Dante), but this becomes out of sync with the EX-1280C and CSD, and can cause other issues with programming and functionality. 

It's not officially recommended. 

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Thank you for the prompt reply.

If I run the EX-1280C in legacy mode, are the two Ethernet ports separated or are the controls routed through?

So I could separate Dante and Control and make two networks.

I need to integrate the controller into a building network and don't want the Dante communication in the building network.


Best regards

Hello Stefan,

In Legacy mode, the Dante switch mode is still Switch mode, only the legacy output is Dante filtered to prevent legacy products get flooded with data.

Perhaps an option would be to run an extra cable for the contacts and connect them to the GPI (5 input contacts per EX-1280C) of the EX-1280C?

another (more expensive) option is to add an EX-8ML for Dante audio on the Dante network and an EX-8ML for control on the Control network.