Digitech vocalist live 4

looking for a little help. i use a digitech VL4, the problem is, plugging my guitar directly into the device and then through to the amp, i am losing some je ne sais pas quoi from my guitar sound. can i plug the guitar directly into my amp and then into the vocalist ? will it still work properly ? or should i use a guitar signal splitter ?


Hi Canadianmike

The VL4 guitar thru should not have any effect affect on your guitar signal. If the amp you are using has a guitar thru circuit, you can use it. The main concern is that the signal sent to the VL4 is a clean signal, there should be no effects present at the VL4 input.


You can plug your guitar in various ways.
I do it 2 ways:

I plug Vocal Mic into MIC IN on VL4 and guitar into GUITAR IN on VL4 always, but then either:

1.) SIMPLE: L & R Line OUTs from VL4 each to their own channel on my L1 tower (or to their own channels on any other PA / mixing board).

2.) EXTRA STEP (Guitar Thru), same as above, except I run a line OUT of VL4’s “Guitar Through” to a separate line in (any open channel). ALWAYS TURN VL4’s GUITAR VOLUME DOWN all the way, as it will be amplified by the channel you patched into.

I believe this second method bypasses any effects that vL4 would have applied to your guitar’s sound.



I have the VL2 and I’m a big fan of “Try it every way you can think of” - short of blasting a pre-amped monster signal thru your toys… till ya like what you get. The beauty of the L1 is what you hear is what everybody hears so you can be consistant and sure of your tone. I know lots of folks add a little tube pre-amp onto the signal (AFTER it comes outa the VL ) to make things sound more organic or classic.
just some rambeling- sorry.

Hi Michael,

You’ve been scarce around here. I think my misuse of “effect” instead of “affect” in my first sentence prompted Marks response, but it’s old news now anyway.

Are you stil gigging and writing?


I have been using the VL4 with my Bose L1 Compact, for more than 2 years now and you guys have the right config in my opinion, Guitar In, then Guitar thru to one of the T1’s Channels (If you have one) and Guitar volume on the VL4 all the way down, works like a charm and here is an example.


Yup - did a radio interview not long ago - and they played a few of my newer songs - mind you the good Doctors on the show first heard me thru my L1 … Live at a Regional Conference of The Compassionate Friends in KY.

HEar the interview here:
Michael Nunley on Open To Hope Foundation Radio