Discussion Area for Pat Metheny On Tour with Bose L1

Hello Folks:

I am honored to debut here a video we’ve made with 19-Grammy Winner Pat Metheny.

Pat Metheny On Tour with the Bose L1

Here’s a link to the discussion where I talk about his musical work that involves the Bose L1 systems.

Pat Metheny Project Description

I greatly look forward to your comments and questions.

With best regards,

Ken Jacob
Research and Development

Wow! What a way to use the L1!

I’m most interested in how he’s pairing a Compact with a Model II in several locations. Are there different signals going to each of these?

Also he’s even using different heights on the Compacts in some places. It looks like he’s either doing this for placement with instruments that are closer to the ground or to preserve sightlines.


Tell us more, Ken!

"Standing in the middle of this every night is like…Heaven"

That sounds familiar.

I would like to know what purpose the fold back monitors are filling.

Amazing! Bravo Bose! And all of that robotics is something else too… WOW!

Can’t wait to hear and learn more…

Thanks Ken.

Hi Tom,

I’m hoping to have better technical details based on the discussion here and on what folks want to know.

For now, he uses Model II systems for his guitar sounds (lots of them) and for some of the instruments (piano, bass). The L1 Compacts are used to pick up and amplify some of the instruments that aren’t loud enough acoustically by themselves (the bottle organs on each side of the stage for example).

The different heights for the Compacts are I think for visual design reasons.


Hi Sundog,

He uses a monitor (or maybe two) for his voice: he talks a bit about the project during the show, which is fascinating.

And some of the boxes you see are pieces of his electric guitar rig. For some shows, he used only L1 Model II for electric guitar and for some he used a hybrid of some of his boxes (what you see) and the Model IIs.

For all shows, the L1 systems are used exclusively for all the acoustic guitars.

The system is very, very complicated and I don’t pretend to understand everything. I think Pat and David Oakes are the only ones who really do. It’s like a brain.


WOW…just WOW…I knew he was working on this project but to see it on stage and in action…and of course Pat (like the rest of us) ‘gets it’.The bose L1 does change your life…Thanks Ken …made my day Big Grin


This has really sealed the deal for my purchase. I was always ‘pretty sure’ that I would buy a set of these, but now it’s a no brainer. I absolutely cannot wait to try my setup now!!

Thanks for this Ken.
I’m totally enjoying the journey. I can hardly wait for the rest of the story.