DXF Imports but no data in model

Hi. I am working with the attached DXF file. The system will go through the import process and identify layers etc, all looking normal. However when I get to the end of the process, there is no date in the model. any thoughts on why this is happening would be appreciated. Using Modeler V6.10.17  Attached is one of the files I am working with. Any thoughts would be appreciated. 


Hi Thomas, Bruce and I really appreciate your responses. Let me take some time to work through them and I'll get back to you with what I find. 

Many thanks for your support. 


Hi Steve,

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I am barely capable of launching AutoCAD, so you might want to pay close attention to the other comments - but attached is an import of what looks like the layer that was likely X-Ref'd into the file.  I tried exploding and ungrouping, but came up with nothing.  However, the print to PDF and converting back generally works when you cannot get your hands on the X-Ref quickly or easily (if at all). 

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I also was unable to get anything to show up....as David pointed out, often the drawings that are referenced are not part of what  you see so nothing shows up on the import into Modeler.

Hi Steve,

I cannot see any Xrefs in the file. My first guess would be that the drawing has most of its info assembled into blocks, which Modeler doesn't read, unfortunately.

The model is very complex/large and thus less useful to be used as a Guide Layer in Modeler. It certainly requires some significant clean-up in AutoCAD before all elements are exploded (in order to get rid of block entities).

Having looked inside the model, I don't see too much that would be useful to build upon, at least as far as the main stands are concerned. It looks more like a conduit drawing on basement level ?

In addition, the model seems to be drawn in millimeters and its origin is offset like 1.6 km to the right, so maybe that's another reason why you didn't see anything in Modeler, initially.

So before we start to help with preparing this drawing for import, is this really what you need ? Are you maybe interested in secondary rooms, like restrooms, etc. ?

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I should have looked at David's file before I tried to import your file since he probably printed to a pdf and then used our conversion program to take it back to a DXF and got a base layer to show up in Modeler. It needs to be resized and rotated (well, I would rotate it) but as Thomas pointed out, other than the size of the field, there isn't a lot of useful information in this drawing as far as seating areas, etc. If you didn't check out his file before, you may want to take a look at it to see if this helps you...