Equalizer settings for unlisted mic/intrument

I currently sing in a chorus which recently purchased a T1 mixer to use with a Bose L1 Compact. We have also purchased a matched pair of RØDE NT5 mics to place in front of the ensemble during performances. Since the NT5 mic is not a listed preset, can I set the preset to “Flat, Vocal zEQ” then adjust the “Low Mid High” settings based on the microphone’s Frequency Response graph? For example, at 20Hz, the line is at -4dB; at 1kHz, the line is at 0dB; at 10kHz, the line is at 2dB. Would I use these values for the zEQ Low, Mid, and High accordingly? Thanks for your help!

Hello UkelEly,

Having your microphone’s frequency response curve can be a great tool to adjusting the EQ of your T1. We can use that response curve as an aid to explaining what we’re hearing. However, as this curve is still very close to flat, most of the adjustments we make with the zEQ settings should first appeal to what you’re hearing. The best answer I can give is to listen closely to how the microphones sound coming from the L1 compact with the EQ set to flat, then slowly make modifications based on what you hear. After all, having a flat EQ coming from the RODE may not take into account how the system sounds in the room, or what frequencies are standing out from each of your singers. It’s best in this case to start flat, then use your best judgment with how you modify each Low, Medium, and High setting.

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