How are you setting up your B2s?

DJs, I just got a pair of L1M2 and 2 B2 subs. Can you tell me how you are setting up the subs, vertically beside each tower, or are you getting the longer cables and stacking them under your table?

I just set them beside the towers. I had a problem with vibration under the table when I used to set up my B1’s under there. The vibration would make the computer do funny things. I have the B2’s now, and I imagine there would be much more vibration since they are more powerful. Besides, placing them next to an L1 adds to the cool effect. You can turn your Bose logo and stack them one on top of the other too.

Hello Joe. I have been placing them next to the power stands with good results. I would need to get some longer B2 cables since I sold the longer ones before I realized they were shorter. Best of luck with the new system.

I use the longer B1 cables so I’ve been putting them under my table… with great results!

Has anybody tried putting the powerstand directly on top of the B2 module?

Yes. It’s not ‘kosher’ per Bose.

Did this at my last wedding and sounded very nice.

I used to put my Classic L1 on top of my two B1s w/ anti slip mat. It makes all the difference getting sound beyond the dance floor and keeps the setup tidy.

In fact, I plan to make a drape that is shape of the power stand and then put draping around the front and sides.

Nope, I do not feel all the vibrations would be good for the internal electronic components of the Powerstand… Just my opinion.

I have set my 2 under the table next to each other since day 1 and haven’t had a problem yet. I always placed my B1s there so I’ve always had custom 6’ cables.

I drilled and placed 4 rubber feet on the bottom of each so they don’t move around at all. Plus the bottoms won’t get scratched up.