How do I pair a CD player using the aux input

I’ve connected the line out from the CD player to the aux input, however I cannot pair it using the aux in button on the sound touch  - according to the manual the light should turn white indicating a connection has been made. There is a short beep and then nothing. This results in disabling the Bluetooth connection. I’m using Soundtouch 10.

If you want to connect any sources via aux in, on remote control or soundtouch button pad, press and release aux button until aux indicator glows white and play your song.

As per my original question, when pressing down the aux button on the unit, the aux indicator does NOT come on. The only thing this does is disable the Bluetooth connection. Should I return the unit - is it defective?

If the Bluetooth connection is disabled and the pairing list cleared, it is likely you are holding down the button too long. A quick press and release should shift the speaker between aux/bluetooth sources.
If this still doesn’t result in an aux LED, try a hard reset to the speaker by unplugging it for a full minute. This will resolve any simple errors that might prevent the LED indicator from showing. Otherwise we may need to have you contact local support for assistance with a hardware issue.
In the USA you can call 800-379-2073 - Hours are M-F 9am to 8pm EST; Saturday 9am-6pm; In other regions you can find contact details by visiting  and selecting your country from the drop-down menu.