Incompatible Firmware: ESP-00 II Dante Card

Just updated the controlspace designer to the latest version as instructed from Dante Controller's new Dante Updater built in feature (they are together now!)

But this error keeps popping up in the scan results:

[Error 1] ESP-00 II (RTC) "ESP-00 II 1" ( version: 2 <--- Incompatible firmware.
Please upgrade the Dante IOCard firmware to version 8 or newer.
You can check the firmware version currently in use by launching IOCardPgm.exe from the bin folder.

(see attached photo)mceclip0

Unfortunately there is no version 8 or newer firmware, I only see version 2 as the latest. Perhaps I am missing something obvious?


Thanks for the helpful message. I think I was just not running as Administrator. I prefer logging in as root on a Debian GNU/Linux system so this operating system is a bit strange to me.


Take care!

Hello Chadwick,

Please see this post also.

It is important that you connect your PC direcly to the ESP LAN port (so not via the Dante card.
And depending on your UAC setting, you might need to run the IOCardPgm.exe application as "Administrator"

In this folder you will also see a folder "Type0F" in this folder you should see  an XML file and 8 firmware version

IOCardPgm.exe can be found at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bose\ControlSpace 5.6\bin\IOCardPgm" if no changes were made during installation of CSD.

You can also run IOCardPgm.exe in advanced mode so you can select which firmware version you want to load.
To do this, please do the following:

  • right mouse click on "IOCardPgm.exe" and click on "Create shortcut"
  • Right mouse click on the new generated shortcut and click on "Properties"
  • Add "-adv" at the end of "Target" and click "OK"
  • Double click the shortcut
  • in the Latest version dropbox, you should be able to select one of the firmware versions.