Is the number of CC64s per system still limited to 15?


Now that the IP addresses for the ESP-88 and CC-64 can be changed and operate on different IP addresses other than using the original 192.168.0.__, can you run more than 15 CC-64s on one system network now?

I thought it was a IP address limitation before in the software but I may be mistaken.


Hi Bruce…

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Although the IP addresses can now be set to a range other than 192.168.0.___ it is still restricted to a single subnet. By this I mean that the first three octets of the IP address must be the same for all ControlSpace devices in the system. When you ‘Set Network Address’ under the ‘Tools’ menu the first three octets are applied to all IP based devices in the project. Hence this does not open up any more possible addresses, but whichever range is used there would be 255 possible values to share between the PC, ESPs and CC-64s so I don’t believe the number of available IP addresses to be the limitation.

If you have a project that requires more than 15 CC-64s it is worth checking whether all the CC-64s need to ‘see’ (interact with) all the ESPs or whether it would be possible to split the system in two. By linking the serial ports of an ESP from each system it would still be possible to have system-wide param sets recalled across both systems…

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Hi Rob,

It sounds like we haven’t really tested this.

Am I correct?

Hi John…

You may be correct… I’m not sure where the limit of 15x CC64s comes from, whether it’s a hard limitation or the limits of our testing/support. It’s on my list to follow up…

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Hi, guys.

I know this is a very old post. However, I'm with a dealer working with 17 units of CC64 and 6 ESP 1RU processors. 

We need to control blocks from all 6 ESPs on the 17 CC64 units.

Is this possible under the same subnet?



If the CC-64 and the ESP's are all on the same subnet, there should be no problems controlling blocks from those processors. I gather that if they are all 1RU units, they're all of a like type, so Audio Inputs/Outputs can be grouped to have 1 control for the grouped items.

Hope this answers your question!

Tony C.