ISO_room, ISO_cluster and ISO_listeners

I have a feuture request that probably will probably increase design speed.

I would like to have the possiblility to choose having only one project specific database for room, speakers or listeners.

For instace you work on a sound system in a hall with variable acoustics. In this case you start with creating 2,…,n different rooms. When you start designing the system you will probably do this in one of the rooms/models. When you have finished the first loudspeaker design you need to copy the lodspeaker design into all models of interest before you can calculate or listen to the results in all models. Furthermore you often add listeners as you go along with the design, and wery often you are interested in listeneing to same possitions in all models.

So a good feature would be a locking function that locks a project into ISO_room mode; meaning that there is only database for room/surfaces or in the same manner ISO_loudspeaker or ISO_listeners.