Issues with CC-16 Connectivity wired in a Star Configuration

I have a situation where  a dealer who is having issues with getting 15 CC-16s to work together in a semi star configuration.

The installation is a existing one where they are replacing another company’s remote devices. The existing devices were wired with Cat5 wiring each home run to the main rack.

He has connected them in groups of five to a terminal strip and then jumpered them together to send a single line up to the RS485 connection on the ESP.

He has used a ground connection to all of the devices and has the two longest lines terminated and all the rest unterminated.

The two issues he is having is that three of the devices are not communicating with the processor and that the response of some of the selector settings are "sluggish" in their response.

Any suggestions. This is not new construction so running new cable is probably not an option.

Hi Bruce,

Do you know the total cable run length?
For star topology it should not exceed 1000 feet for the communication lines.
For the power, please refer to the installation manual of the CC16.

The selector selection is "sluggish". What about the volume control?
If only the selector selection is "sluggish" could it be that the different CC16s have different selection timeouts?

About the communication issue:
Please check if dipswitch 3 (X2) it set to on.
If that does not solve the problem, try to exchange the not functioning CC16 with a working one and see if the issue stays at the same location or same CC16. Or connect the CC16 directly to the rack with a short cable.

They might have checked/done this all already, but just want to make sure we do not forget something.



Hi Arno,

When you say that it should not exceed 1000 feet, that means the sum of all lines  or each line could have 1000ft?

Hi Gustavo,

I meant in total.