L1® Classics with Yorkville NX200s subwoofers

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Using Numark NS6 mixer and two L1® Classics

If I may continue this discussion and change subjects slightly…

I am using two powered subwoofers connected to my L1’s. They are the Yorkville NX200s. The frequency response is (Hz /- 3db) 50 - 100. I have chosen to run a line out from the L1 to the powered sub. The reason is that if I use the 1/4" sub output, that changes the frequency response of the L1 to not produce as low of a signal. So, when I use the line out (xlr), I have the full range of the L1.

Is this the correct configuration, given the fact that my sub only goes up to 100hz?

Sound is great, I am just looking for the technical expertise on this subject.

Thank you again!


Admin, please correct the sub name in the title… it is not the NS200S, it is the NX200s. Two different subs and I don’t want anyone to answer based on the incorrect sub.

Thank you!

Hi Scott,

There are many things to consider when adding powered subwoofers to the L1® System. Please check out this article for a rundown on the technical notes about what happens as you add B1s and use the Model I (or Classic) Power Stand Bass Line Out.

Bass Line Out

Specific things to notice:

Originally posted by Scott M:
The reason is that if I use the 1/4" sub output, that changes the frequency response of the L1 to not produce as low of a signal.

The Model I (or Classic) Power Stand frequency response for the B1s is 40-180 Hz whether or not you have anything attached to the Bass Line Out.

When you use the Bass Line Out there is a drop in the output level for the B1s. Note too, the frequency response at the Bass Line out is optimized for the B1s if you have B1s attached to the Power Stand. This is detailed in the Bass Line Out article.

Looking at the Owners Manual for the Yorkville nx200s, you can compensate for drop in output level by turning up the “dB level control” on the nx200s. You may actually prefer the B1 EQ curve applied to the nx200s.

XLR Line Outputs
It’s probably fine to continue to use these but there may be some other considerations.
  • In our previous discussion you were looking for ways to get a better match for the output level of your mixer to the L1®. In doing that you may reduce the output to the Model I (or Classic) Power Stand XLR line outputs.
  • You should be able to compensate for that with the nx200s dB Level control.

Hi Scott,

In the post above I changed the reference to the external article. Bass Line Out

For more general notes about getting more bass out of your L1® set up see: I Need More Bass

Great info for sure…

Here is my dilemma: My subs only go UP to 100hz and if I use the 1/4" sub out on the L1, then I am missing 100-180hz, correct? If I use the line out, then the L1 stays at 110hz and up and then I am only missing the frequencies between 100 hz (sub) and 110hz from the L1.

As far as the gain on the sub, I have it turned all the way down now anyway. Obviously because the signal coming from the NS6 is so hot. I am hoping the XLR to 1/4" cables will help with that, changing from mic to line level.


Hi Scott,

Do you have B1s?


I do not use B1’s.

If I were, you would most likely suggest that I use them to fill in the gap?

I just realized that my NX200s goes up to 110hz and the bose (full range) goes down to 110hz so there is no frequency lost.

Also, my NX200s will accept line level out, which is what the L1 will be putting out via the XLR out.

I think if I get the cables that we discussed earlier (XLR to 1/4"), that will reduce the gain -20dbu and give me an acceptable input into the L1 and then use the line out via xlr and into the NX200s.

The only question remains is if I should use 57 or 00. My ear will help me with that answer!

ST, you have been amazing!


Hi Scott,

I didn’t realize that you were running without B1s. You might want to try them if you get an opportunity. The amps are built into your Classic Power Stands.

The B1s go down to 40 Hz. Your Classic Power Stands support up to two B1s. (250 Watts RMS into 4 ohms). Personally, I like that the B1s weigh about 25 pounds each (two of them would be close to the weight of one of your Yorkville nx200s’). For smaller shows you could probably travel lighter.

XLR outputs
You’ve probably noticed that the Classic XLR Outputs are post-trim, so you will see a difference when you use the ¼ inch jack cables.

I have been the proud owner of 8 B1’s. They just weren’t for me.

No one had the correct cables but I was able to get Neutrik 1/4" ends to solder onto my xlr cables. I just need to get the wire schematics correct.