L1 model 1 AND 2 used together w/ External sub, driverack PA, setup?

I'm new to the group but not new to Bose L1.  Had model 1 forever...  however have new problem that relates to a post i was reading today, but with a specific ask for my situation that may not fit in the conversation I was reading.

I've asked on here about using dbx Driverack PA to tune system.  This tool has proved VERY good for using all types of cabs (powered and non) and amps over the years.  I have an Behringer XR18, the previously mentioned driverack, etc.

Scenario:  All of the these connections are typical XLR

  1. Stereo outs on the back of the XR18
  2. Into stereo inputs on the back of the driverack.
  3. stereo outs from the back of driverack to what speakers...  in this case the model 2
  4. how can i get a mono sum???


Yes i could only use one side and simplify.  However almost all of my backing tracks have stereo effects on guitars, drums, keys, etc.  At least temporarily, I can use to L1s (a model 1 and a model 2) and just set them up stereo....   but i will not always have two of them....   and i'm not sure how using them both will "sound"...

My tracks are multi-tracks setup to give FOH guy control over all channels, via iPad mixer app.....   don't really want to lose that either...

WOW!   what a ramble...   sorry!



I'm guessing your multi-track backing tracks are fed to XR18 via USB, but I'm not sure that even matters.  If your mixer channels are all set with the PAN straight up, you've essentially got the same (mono) signal out of the left and right channels.  I'm having to guess, but you probably have input tracks that are stereo that you're stereo-linking on the XR18.   The default stereo-link is a hard pan L and R, but per these instructions in appears you can alter that after the stereo link channel is set up:
Open the left of the linked channels. Go to "Output" tab. (Top right hand of screen) the "Pan" widow will appear drags the button under the screen to selected direction. A line in the window will show the adjustment.
Repeat for the Right hand Channel. 
You will see the level changes in the Main Output levels.
This will not change the linked channel levels as they indicate the input levels.

If all the Pans are straight up, you can send from either or both LR mains and have the same output.  

If you're doing some shows stereo and some mono, you can save your current mixer setup as StereoShow then change pans to zero and save show as MonoShow.  At that point your mixer gives you the option based on your venue, and you can hook up to the PA2 the same way every time.


I don't have an XR18 to play with, but fire yours up and test that on a stereo-link.

Hi G,

Smitty has it right according to this discussion.