L1 Model 2 Sub question with External Subs

I have 2 L1 Model 2 sub system with 2 bass modules per tower and 1 tonematch per tower. What I am wanting to do is add my own subs for a large auditorium I will be using them in. I noticed the specs for the subs go from about 40-200 hz. The Turbosound iq18b subs I’m using go from 50-100 hz. How can I drop the hz from the bose subs at around the 100 hz mark to the 40hz and let the Turbosound subs take that range?

HI gregrbpc,

That’s a really interesting question.

I looked at the Turbosound iq18b manual. I may have missed it. Is there a way to set a high pass filter between the full-range input and the output. If so, then I’d consider connecting the source to the iq18b and taking a line out to the Model II Power Stand.

There’s no easy way to change the system EQ so that the L1® is only working with 100 Hz and up . There is a T1® Preset that is an 80 Hz high pass filter though. But if you use that you lose the ability to use other Presets at the same time.

Thanks! I will do some checking on the Turbosound side and see what I can find. That would probably be the best scenario. I didn’t think about the 80 hz high pass filter either, so thanks for the suggestion!

Hi gregrpbc,

Please come back and tell us what you find and how all this turns out for you.

And if you have a minute, can you tell us how you are using your L1®? It looks like that TurboSound unit puts out a lot of bass. I curious to know what you’re doing that requires that. — Thanks!

Also - if you’re open to other options… have you seen the Bose F1 Subwoofer?