L1 vs. traditional PA systems

Was at an audition last night with eight other acts. The first five acts went on first, then once they finished there was to be a quick break where everyone, had to get their gear down, and the next four acts to set up their gear!.
it was a fairly small venue, so you can imagine the ensuing chaos!. anyway I was rushing to set my gear up and i couldnt push the bottom tower speaker into the base unit. I kept trying but realised there was a small black lug preventing the tower from locating in the base.Now feeling really worried started think about allsorts gone wrong, has it shorted?, blown up? etc etc. Then to my embarrasment I realised that I hadn`t opened up the support legs, oh the relief/horror!.
Anyway moving on. I was still the first to set up and sound check, and spent the next ten minutes relaxing watching everone else huff and puff dragging in their regular speakers, bass bins etc.
I was on first and had a great set no problems, but what was really great was the opportunity I had of basically listiening to eight other pa systems!. Now you may say i am slightly biased, but the difference between the Bose L1 and the other systems was sooo noticeable.Clarity, projection and quality was far better with the Bose. I loved it and wanted to share my joy!!

- Katy Jay, July 29, 2011 -

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