L1M2 setup for a visiting DJ

Hello all, after using my whole workday for browsing a million different sites and countless google searches I have to make sure I have understood everything.

I got an event coming up, where DJ is coming to play using my L2m2 speaker/sub combo with his DJ board. After researching we have landed on the following setup: We connect his Numark NV2 board to L2 base with ONE female XLR - male TRS to analog input slot. We also set his signal to MONO from his Serato DJ software to avoid problems with stereo signal. This should work right? We don't have to connect anything else. 

Thank you!

You got it, but I will say, being a DJ, and using the MII every week, one of them is never enough.  

I would also add that the T1 (DJ Presets) make a huge difference, in a positive way, and the bass is boosted a substantial amount.

Hi Asaar123.

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What do you normally connect to your L1® Model II? Do you have a T1®?