Last Memory

We have been receiving feedback that not a few customers chose competitors because their DSPs have Last Memory function. We would like development team to implement Last Memory option for ESP/EX like PM amp.

Hi Kakudo,

I agree. I've also heard customers request this. An automatic 'save to flash' function. This is possible on older processors (ESP-88/00) using custom CC-64 strings, but it would be beneficial for current ESP/EX systems where they are turned off periodically. 


Hi, We recently had a customer request this feature and we did try to make it happen. The customer wants to work with the system day to day, via his CC-64. However, for green reasons, wants to turn off the system overnight and have it return to it's last setting state rather than the flashed state. 

This would seem to be simple enough via a shut down routine saving the current state to flash and powering off. I support this request and would like to see it implemented. 

Thanks, Steve

Hello @Kakudo-at-Bose / @ChrisJ-at-Bose,

Thank you for sharing this with us, and I will backlog this request.

Can you describe situations where "save to flash" is preferred over booting with the flashed design?
You can add this to this post or send me a private message.

Thank you in advance.