Matrix input adjustable using AMPLINK

Is it possible to use the internal matrix of the powershare (by using powershare editor) to link several amplink inputs to the correct output?

For example:

AMPLINK 1 to output 1 & 3
AMPLINK 2 to output 2
AMPLINK 3 to output 4

in the past i wasn't able and used to be using the DANTE devices or analog wiring.

current setup:
all connected to AMPLINK
8 channels amplink
both PS404 AMPLINK 5-8 but in different configs.

should be very usefull and specially for smalle retail setups.

You can absolutely do that. Using the matrix in PowerShare Editor you can route any input to any output, including sending one input to multiple outputs or mixing inputs to a single output. Just make sure the "Config" DIP switch (number 6) on the back of the amp is set to "Software".