Multi-Zone Control at Country Club

Greetings all.

Bose parts - ESP1240 and 2 x CC64 (eventually may be more CC64 and/or the iPad app)

Facility is country club with old Peavey zone mixer thing.

We have 12 inputs (4 wireless, 2-3 wired in 3 rooms plus a cable box)

Customer wants control over entire system from either CC64 (they’ll be located in the 2 main rooms so their default mode will be “mix this room”.

The reality is that ANY/ALL inputs need to be available any of the 4 output zones.

My initial thought was to make 4 copies of each gain control (example - WL HH 1 has gain to each of the rooms) and use Parameter sets attached to the top encoder to allow the user to select a room (in this case really a set of 12 gain controls pointing to a particular zone which would be the name of the parameter set) and then mix/mute the inputs to that room.

I had in my noggin that i could put different Gains on the CC64 with different parameter sets but seem to have either made that up or forgotten how - is there a way to do this? (perhaps simpler…) IOW, up to 16 different controls based upon the selected parameter set per CC64.

Trying to make this easy for non-tech folks so this seemed the most straightforward solution.


Several of the Field Engineers contacted Andrew and worked with him to come up with a solution for his programming for this installation. Darryl Bryans requested in a email to those of us involved that we post the solution here online so others who are interested may have the same information.

I have attached a CC-64 remapping tutorial and a workshop from our training that walks you thru the steps of remapping the CC-64. Please feel free to download it and use it in your work.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns,


I’ve talked to Andrew some. He has a temporary solution and I’m try to see if we (reasonably) can get all the options onto 2 CC-64’s. I think the Remote App is in the future, but now sure how far off that is.


Hello again,

Here is the remapping workshop for our training for the CC-16 a well - very similar in the process with a few changes.