PM8500 front panel configuration


if i configured the PM8500 via front panel, settings will be saved automatically on the amplifier??


Hi Abboud,

 This depends on the Power Up State under the PM properties.

When Restore Last Settings is selected, the amplifier will save its current operating state when powering down, or entering standby. When power is restored these settings will be restored. This is the default operation for USB-only models.

When Restore Last Settings is deselected, the initial 'power on state' that was saved at the time the configuration was sent to the hardware using ControlSpace Designer software will be used when power is restored. This is the default operation for network models.




so if i want to save the settings(routing, Speaker EQ, Delay....) without using CSD. what i have to do ??

Hi Abboud,

The USB version should store these settings by default.
For the network version you need to change this setting using CSD - USB or network (can't be done via the front panel).

Easiest way to check is to go to the menu using the front panel and if you do not see a warning message on the display, the settings should be stored.



clear. thank you