PowerMatch 8250 not Power on

I have a PowerMatch 8250 amp that has been working properly for over two years, before closing the store in April for COVID19.
This week we have reopened and trying to turn it on. PM8250 has only turned on the limit, signal and clip lights for 15 seconds. Then the amplifier is turned off. The screen never turns on.
I would like to be sure that there is nothing I can do before sending it for repair because it is on a Greek island and the shipping cost is considerable.
Is there anything I could do before sending it out for repair?



Actually i am not replying but wants to bring to BOSE team notice same issue in my Amplifier and need solution urgently.


i beleive this is common fault happening in all. i have same 3 nos and fault is same.

Hello, is your problem solved, my PM8500 also has the same problem.

Hello, can you provide the schematic diagram of the power supply?My PM8500 is out of warranty, and it is recommended that I replace it with a new amplifier after sales. Three sets are a big expense for me.

I changed the two EPCOS B32923C3105M000 capacitors on the power unit (this often helps with all kind of electronic equipment), but sadly it had no positive effect.

Hello Aurelio,


It looks like an hardware issue.

You can try the following:
Power down the PowerMatch
Press and hold button 1-3-5 below the display
Power the PowerMatch (fans will blow at max)
Connect your computer via USB
Perform a firmware update

If this does not resolve your issue, please send the unit for repair.