Powermatch amplifier, remote overload


Ex1280 PM8500N controlling 8 zones on 50V high impedance mode.

CS Remote 2.2 made layout to control all 8 zones, 5 people share the same remote on their phones (1 iPhone, 4 android) and additionally its installed with remote client 2.2 on 2 windows PC's.


The remote completely stops working, not control or feedback from the volume levels. You can still go online to the amplifier with CSD but the CS remote will show the amplifier as offline.

To fix this you have to close all the remote instances running on windows clients and power cycle the amplifier. If you power cycle without closing the windows clients the remote capabilities will remain frozen.


It would seem that too many CS remote commands at once overload the amplifier hence the need to close some and reboot.

Any help to fix it would be appreciated.


Hello Luis,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Is it possible for you to share the CSD and CPZ files?
Are all devices, including PC, have this issue?
When does it happen, like, when all devices are controlling at the same time, in idle after x time, .....

Hope you can provide us more information.