Problem using TC Helicon Harmony G-XT with L1


Been a while since Ive been on this forum!
Basically, I can’t hear my vocals through the Harmony G-XT, but I can hear my guitar!
Bought the G-XT in Guitar Centre in Manhattan NY, but I live in Ireland! Using a 240v adaptar to power it over here.

So I am going Guitar and Mic into the G-XT. Mic OUtput is Left (Mono) to Channel 1 on the L1.
My mic is a Neumann KMS 105. I’ve checked both mic leads into Channel 1 and they both work fine. I have phantom power switched on!

Anyone any suggestions? Thanks a million

Hi Edja. Did you ever get this problem fixed? I use a Harmony G and it works just fine. I run guitar “thru”, then to a processor, then to the T1. I sure you checked the harmony level knob to make sure that it is not all the way at 0, right? Did you check the mic gain setting on the Harmony G to make sure it is getting signal? Well, hopefully all is well with you at this point. Otherwise I would check with TC Helicon tech support. Regards over there on the emerald isle!

The unit can be switched from stereo to mono. It sounds like you may still have it set to stereo.

Holding the Voice 1 and Voice 2 buttons down simultaneously for a second or two, will toggle the unit between stereo or mono mode. There is a red indicator light that shows when the unit is in stereo mode.

This may not be the problem, but it’s a good place to start.

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