S1 Pro as Monitor - How many instruments can you monitor through it?

Anyone try using the S1 as a floor monitor for outdoors performances, such as weddings and crowd events?

How many instruments do you find you can monitor through it? We're going to try monitoring our sax quartet/quintet and a jazz trio, and wonder if one  is enough or we need two, given the musicians are tightly packed and source volume is low.

Hi peterindc,

Here are some numbers for you.

The S1 Pro dispersion when in vertical (tilt-back) mode


Horizontal: 120 degrees
Vertical: 50 degrees

The S1 Pro dispersion when in monitor (horizontal) mode


Horizontal: 50 degrees
Vertical: 120 degrees

If you have five sax players in a row, they might all be able to hear the S1 Pro in the tilt-back position (120-degree horizontal dispersion) if you put it far enough back.  However, I imagine it would be difficult for each player to hear him/herself separate from the rest if you have all five of them playing through one loudspeaker (any loudspeaker).

The monitor position (50-degree horizontal dispersion) works for a single performer who wants to hear himself separate from the rest. 

If each player needs to hear him/herself distinctly then you might need one S1 Pro per player.

If the group of players need to hear as a group, then one or two S1 Pro system could work (depending on the overall unamplified loudness of the group).


Good to know! I might have placed it horizontally, thinking that would get more horizontal dispersion. But now I'll place the S1 vertically to try it as a group monitor. Since we sit in a semicircle, we ought to be able to get within 120 degrees of each other.

Regarding hearing individuals vs the group, we don't really need to hear our individual horn more than we do anyway by being the one playing it -- it's more to hear how we sound in the mix (which we can then adjust with our playing or with the Behringer if need be). So one S1 (or maybe two) ought to work for the monitoring part, and then we can move on to the audience PA part. Will report back.