Save parameter changes

With help from Bose Australia, I have been able to connect to the system, update the firmware and view the settings. I found the parameters (saved scenes) and I would like to increase the input gain for 2 new microphones. I was able to do this but I couldn't work out how to save it. Also I see there is a master input trim for each channel  - would I be better off changing that, rather than saving each parameter? I have attached a screen shot of the system. I appreciate any advice, thank you.


Hello troustudio,

Please pick up your conversation with Bose Australia for help with ControlSpace Designer. I'm sorry, we're not set up to support that product here.

Thank you,

Bose Pro Community Admin

So what forum does Bose have for questions like this?

Hello, troustudio.

Bose does not have an forum end-user questions like this.

You have established contact with Bose Australia. Please contact them for more information.  

Thank you,

Bose Pro Community Admin 

Starting to get a pretty clear picture of Bose. Something not quite right about the entire operation.

Hello, troustudio,

I'm sorry you are disappointed.

Systems like the one you are trying to configure are sold and serviced through  Bose-Authorized integrators, consultants, and dealers who work with our installed products

If you need help with your Bose Professional installation, please contact your Bose-Authorized representative who provided the system, or Bose Australia.

Thank you,

Bose Pro Community Admin 

Hi troustudio.  Let me reach out to you directly to help you out.  Thanks.