Serial Out

I am using a ESP-00 II frame's serial output to send commands to a RS-232 controllable FM tuner. I'm planning to send a preset function to change the radio station each day.  If I use a terminal program on my PC, I can get the 5 x preset commands to work correctly with the FM Tuner.  Once I enter these 5 same commands into the serial out module in ControlSpace, Go On-line and test - nothing happens.  Is there anything I need to add to the string for the Bose unit to send it properly?  I've tried all sorts of combinations of CR, LF etc ......

The string I am trying to use is:


This is a Preset recall for an Audac FM/DAB Tuner.  I've attached the serial document if you have any ideas??

Hi Arno,

Thanks for the quick reply.  The string you suggested worked.  I did however have to re-wire my RS-232 cable.  I had used a null-modem serial cable (pins 2 & 3 crossed over) but when I looked at the serial pin-outs of both units, I didn't need a crossover serial cable. 

Thanks again,


Hi Greg,

the field you entered you serial sting in, should be in ASCII format.
In order to enter a HEX value in a ASCII format field the value has to start with a backslash.
So for the Carriage Return (CR) you need to enter \0D

Please try the following string:

Hope this will solve your issue.

Best regards,