Set for our band

Just bought a L1 compact and the T1 tonematch. We are a 3 piece acoustic act. 3 vocalists, 2 acoustic guitars and a keyboard. What is the best way to connect everything? We have a Behringer Eurorack UB2222fx-Pro mixer if needed. Since we have 6 total outputs and the tonematch only has 5 imputs. Do we use the mixer instread? How would you connect? On stage we usually have 2 guitars on each side of keyboard. Where would you locate the T1 onstage?

Hi poisondartfrog,

You have some flexibility in terms of how you set up. First off, how big of an audience do you typically play to? If it is more than a medium size room with about 150 people, then the larger L1 model I or L1 model II might be a better fit for you than the Compact.

Secondly, if you have too many inputs for the Tonematch engine, you can definitely use the mixer. You can either connect the mixer directly to the L1, or you can use the mixer and the Tonematch engine in tandem to take advantage of the effects and tone controls that the T1 offers.

To get the most benefit out of the T1, I would suggest you try running all your vocals and acoustic guitars through it, and then you can run the output of the T1 into one channel of your mixer, and run your keyboards through another. Since keyboards typically have their own tone controls, you can use the T1 to shape the sound of your vocals and guitars to your liking.

As far as physical location of the T1, a lot of people have it nearby the L1 system itself, but that is not a requirement. You could also put it on a small table or surface either on or off stage. We even have a microphone stand bracket as an optional accessory if you prefer to have the T1 right in front of you as you play.

Thank you for your post.