Short Maximum Signal delay in 1U ESP

I was surprised today to find that the maximum signal delay in a DSP block is only 1 second in the 1RU’s. The ESP00 and PM amps still have 3 seconds.

I had a call from a dealer with an ESP880 who is trying to sync video and needs 'at least 2 seconds’

So it looks like he’s going to make string of signal delay blocks.

Can we make the delay time be the same on both ESP series?
Is there a need or would it be a problem to make the max time longer?


Hi John,

That’s as designed, there are technical reasons why it’s different on the 1U ESPs. So for the very rare applications where >1s is required then you can just chain together multiple blocks.

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Hi John,

I prefer 1s delay module more than 3s delay for 1U ESP. We can use over 40x modules of 1s delay in a single ESP. If it were 3s, we could use only 15x modules or below because of the limitation of the memory capacity for the delay. That would cause a shortage in the number of delay modules in some projects, wouldn’t it?

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