Sound Touch Portable

My Sound Touch Portable does not Power on. I had not used it for about 4 days and when I tried to swtich it on it refuses to do so. Peaase advice.

Hi Oyitty
ST Portable has a power save / sleep mode after not in use after a while… And if you can’t turn it on, plug the adapter to the power outlet to wake it up…

Jordan has the right idea above. After several days of no use while unplugged it will enter a battery protect mode to keep from draining to dangerous levels. When this happens it is necessary to plug in the AC power cord before the speaker will turn on again. (Plugging in to power will disable the protect mode).
If you have any further difficulties with battery life, or if you are unable to power the system on even when it is plugged in to power, please contact service locally for further assistance with your product. 
In the USA you can call 800-905-2156 - Hours are M-F 9am to 8pm EST; Saturday 9am-6pm; In other regions you can find contact details by visiting  and selecting your country from the drop-down menu.
Thank you.