T4S Compression

Hi, The T4s compression module only has Threshold and Gain settings, where is attack, release, and ratio?

And is the gain setting here "make up gain"? Or is it something else?

Can someone in the know, please give me a run down on the compression is set up and works on the T4s please?

For guitar, if I set the comp to -16db on both my T4s and my Play Acoustic then compare both independently at that setting and with no comp. I can hear the difference with the Play Acoustic but not with the T4s. So I am wondering why?

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Ok, in addition to the above, I found this which partially explains it:

Dynamics Processing

Compressor 1: Light

Compressor featuring a preset low compression ratio with variable threshold and gain parameters. May be used as a general-purpose compression for most instruments and microphones that require minimal-level control.

Compressor 2: Medium

Compressor featuring a preset moderate compression ratio with variable threshold and gain parameters and may be used with basses, guitars, keyboards, vocals or other instruments requiring subtle level control.

Compressor 3: Heavy

Compressor featuring a preset high compression ratio with variable threshold and gain parameters and may be used with loud instruments such as horns and drums, vocals or other instruments that require more aggressive level control.

Seems the Attack, Release, and ratio settings are preset and not adjustable?

So what ratios are used with the three options above?

And please answer the question regarding the "Gain".




Hi Speedy,

Please see ToneMatch Mixers Compression

There are notes about the gain setting and, scroll down toward the bottom of the article - MikeZ-at-Bose has information about the attack and release.


Yeah, ok, got it.

Only one thing I'm not certain about and that is the gain. Is it make up gain or some other gain? Make up gain is just after all the EQ and compression etc to give you control over the final signals level. So you can say, make it the same audible level as the initial input, if that's what you want.

Make up gain

Make-Up Gain - allows you to boost the compressed signal. as compression often attenuates the signal significantly.

Output Gain (same thing as make up gain)

Although compression is generally perceived to make a signal louder, in all actuality the compression-induced attenuation is lowering the output. This is where “output gain”, or “make-up gain”, comes into play. You can use the output gain to “make-up” for the attenuation done by the compressor. Some compressors will provide meters that can be put into “GR” or “gain reduction” mode to visually indicate the total attenuation in dB, allowing you to accurately apply the correct amount of output gain.

Also this compressor sounds like it may only be a limiter? Only limiting the top end. Does it also boost the quiet signals?

Hi Speedy,

The gain is make up gain.

The three compressors raise the quiet signals. The limiter does not.


Cool, thanks, that's what I expected. Just wanted to be sure.