T4S & T8S Mixers - 1/4 inch (6mm) Mounting Screw (Mounting Options)

Glad the mixers have been updated, but a couple of questions on them.  Why a camera tripod mount?  That seems odd to me.  Can the T4S not mount to a mic stand?   This also seems like they won't be able to mount on the L1s either.  Also, I get that the L1 MII won't output enough power from the stand, but it should be able to connect digitally to them.  

Again, to me these all seem like odd exclusions/decisions.  Hopefully one of the Bose folks will chime in with some answers.  

Hi Scottcald,

For others reading along, we're talking about this.

You're right, the screw mount will not mount directly to an L1® Cylindrical Radiator® or L1® Compact extension.

There are lots of inexpensive adapters convert the 1/4" (6mm) mounting screw insert to work with a microphone stand.

CAMVATE 1/4"-20 Male to 5/8"-27 Female Microphone Stand Mount for Camera Stud

available on Amazon: CAMVATE 1/4"-20 Male to 5/8"-27 Female Microphone Stand Mount for Camera Stud

Likely, the most criticized aspect of the T1® was the much-maligned microphone stand adapter.  With the screw in capability and compatibility with standard mounting systems, those criticisms have been addressed.

I may or may not use a camera tripod, but I have at least a couple lying around here. I also have some brackets that clamp onto a microphone stand

Midstand Mic Extension Mount

that I can use with adapters like the ones in the picture above.  


That's helpful, thanks, ST.  

Here's a picture of the 6mm (1/4") mounting screw insert.


Thank You ST,

I had purchased several of those adapters & then I was forced to buy several more from Bose Corp. because the things literally crumbled in one's hands when simply installing them or when removing them to place on a different mike stand, etc....   What a nightmare! 

This new arrangement, with a quality quick release mounting bracket(..or not), would allow for more versatility & for more creative locations to mount.  Bravo!

Here are some pictures of some mounting options I'm exploring.

Here are the T4S (left) and T1 (right).
The T4S weighs 2.1 lb / 2 kg. This is the same as the T1.

Note - the T4S display is brighter than the T1. It just doesn't appear that way in the picture.

Here are the pieces that are supporting the T4S.

The black arm (bottom) is an On Stage MY550 Microphone Extension Attachment Bar

I flipped the 5/8" thumbwheel around (silver knob) so I could have the bar above the where it meets the microphone stand.

The piece at the top right is an On Stage CM01 Video Camera / Digital Recorder Adapter

Unfortunately, the L shaped piece rotated freely. That's not supposed to happen. It only took a few minutes for them to come apart.

I may get some epoxy to repair this - or just return it. I got two of them. The second one seems fine.

This combination of the two pieces seems a convenient way to mount the T4S because it allowed me to adjust the pitch to get a great viewing angle. Both pieces fit into my gig bag easily.


PS - T4S and T8S shown in this thread are pre-release versions.

I also got a Quiklok MS329 clamp on table.

It doesn't let you change the pitch to change the viewing angle of the screen, but the T4S display is easy to read anyway.

The clamp on table feels more secure, but it's heavier and bigger pack and carry.


Here are

On Stage MY550 Microphone Extension Attachment Bar


On Stage CM01 Video Camera / Digital Recorder Adapter

holding up a T8S (4.1 pounds / 1.9 kg)

Yes, the microphone extension attachment bar is bending down. I haven't attached any cables yet.

I doubt that I would really set up the T8S on my microphone stand at a gig. I might put it on a separate stand though.


Here is the Quiklok MS329 clamp on table holding up the T8S.

And yes, it's leaning. 

I've got some other bits 'n pieces in transit. I'll have more to report when they arrive.


I cobbled together some bits and pieces and came up with this arrangement for the T8S ToneMatch mixer.  Please follow the link below.


Hi Ronnie

It's personal choice. Initially I was worried the magmount would not hold the T4S, but having now experienced both, even my partner says "go ahead and order the magmount and replace the screw mount" and believe me she's careful with what I earn!

When all is said and done - BOTH the mounts have a screw fastening just to be on the safe side - but the magmount is way easier and quicker to locate while setting up in a hurry - it just grabs the arm, then you finger tight the screw and that doesn't need to be over tight..

Hi ScubaBadger.

Thanks for all the really helpful Pics and advice you've posted here. Sorry to trouble you further , but ou mentionioned earlier that you would be happy to post extra pictures of the full mounting system ( yes please). 

What was the actual item/ s full mounting package called that you ordered from joy factory and the total cost including postage, if thats ok? 

Cheers again most useful.

Best Regards Ronnie.

Hi Ronnie

Pictures of my T4S and iPad mounted to a mic stand are above in this thread.

Pictures of the kit components;

The magmount arm with mic stand rings $59.99



The magmount plate you bond onto what you are mounting $24.99


The magmount plate


The magmount bonding surface


The assemblydiy-tablet-holder-magconnect-mount-mmx107

Plus postage - in my case to Spain $30 and I have two systems.

If you are in the USA postage should be minimal and faster as the makers are in the USA;


  •  9351 Irvine Blvd. Irvine, CA 92618



  •  1 - 877 - JOY - FACT (1-877-569-3228)
  •  949 - 216 - 8888




Hope this helps - ps - I'm not paid by them and receive no benefit from them in telling you about their kit - so this is not an advert.


Thanks for all the great info, ScubaBadger.  Ordered two Mag Mounts and One Arm.  Want to try with both iPad and T4s.  If works well for my setup will consider a second arm.  Hopefully will hold up well over time.  Saw some reviews on Amazon that the arm had broken in a few months.

Like ST, I opted for this setup:

That is the traditional Bose Bracket for the T1, and an aux mic stand-off for the T4S.

Personally, I really liked the old bracket.

I DID break the first one I got, and Bose replaced it for free.

I learned to snap-lock it gently, and from then on, never had another issue in 13 yrs.

The new 1/4" mount is fine too, mic stand adapter is cheap.

I would love to mount this in a case, If you have done this, I would love to see a picture,  My goal is to mount it in a case with two wireless mics, and a power distribution unit like a Furman.   hoping you have some good examples.  TIA. 

Yesterday, I received the parts to mount my T4S on a mic  stand.  I used the "On Stage" components that ST shared a while back.  In addition, I went to our local "Tractor Supply Store" and bought a "Hillman 5/8 X 2-1/4 X 1/8" rubber washer. 

I needed the washer to make a spacer between the video camera adapter and the microphone extension bar because the camera adapter wouldn't tighten up.    The rubber washer would have worked fine as it was but I trimmed it down to the size of the extension bar. 

This set up  makes a very sturdy and adjustable mount.  I like it much better than the original mount available for the T1.

Thanks ST for posting your original information!  This forum is an extremely valuable resource to me.





KingBiscuit posted:
Thanks ST for posting your original information!  This forum is an extremely valuable resource to me.

Since 2003, ST has been heading up this forum, we have ALL benefited so much from his presence.

There was/is a lot to learn about this (formerly) new approach to live sound, and this has been the place to get that done.

Thanks KingBiscuit for your contributions and ST for always being here!


Amazon just sent me a "recommendation" for this mic stand extension.  I don't know if I'd like it better than the one discussed previously in this thread, but I thought I'd share it in case others might be interested in a more flexible mount for the T4/T8.   It's always good to have options!


ScubaBadger posted:

Here is the full set...

I chose to bond the magmount plate onto the outside of my ipad protector case.


Which ipad protector case is it?