T4S/T8S USB B from PC through Aux with Panning and Monitoring Input Levels

In this video I'll walk you through
Routing USB B from PC to Aux 9/10 (T8S)
Panning Aux 9/10 to maintain stereo image
Monitor Aux Input levels

Everything in the video also applies to the T4S ToneMatch® mixer too.



So again, I would have to leave the unit in the mode you have it (precisely at the 2:00 mark of your video) to monitor & control two separate volumes of Aux 9/10 during a live performance.  That looks about as simple as you could make live balancing of input tracks possible with the T8S instead of having one lone volume knob while performing. 

I'm not particular on the USB/analog input to the T8S.  The laptop is already throwing USB signal to the light controller.  I'm not sure if the laptop can throw simultaneous (and non-latent) signals to both the light controller and audio to the mixer via separate USB ports.

While I'm seeing possible application of the T8S for the live band via balancing the 8 input signals the group requires in a true live stereo configuration, the smaller groups (sequenced trio and duo) will not see a benefit over dual T1 mixing.  Tracks are controlled via the single volume knob of channel 4 and its dual 1/4" jack input structure.

Thanks for assembling this video.  WES