T4s Tonematch "bugs" / observations - topic moved

Thought I'd start a thread about issues with the T4s with a view to having them resolved by future firmware updates. (I have already installed latest firmware v1.1.4)

See appended text.

Jim S.


Reverb Type

Reverb Time is shown as a percentage.  I know this has been commented on before but time units are measured in seconds (minutes, hours, etc.) and not “percentages”.  This needs to changed.

(Worth noting that Delay Time is shown in seconds which is what I would expect.)


T4s Compressors Comp1, Comp2 and Comp3 all show 0dB by default on the unit but manual shows 3dB, 5dB, 8dB respectively as the default position. (T1 has defaults as 3dB, 5db and 8dB as the respective defaults.) This needs to be fixed.


When turning Low, Mid and High from 0.00dB to a negative value and then returning them back to zero, display shows -0.00db (i.e. with a negative sign at the front).  Whilst this is a minor issue, it’s still a programming error and should be fixed.



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