Updates overwritted when ControlSpace reconnected with MIMO device

I am updating some configurations.  After updating and testing and everything works as expected I disconnect and I am prompted before disconnected to save to flash. I save to flash and then reconnect the MIMO monitor device. When I reconnect the MIMO Monitor and it comes online the updates are loss and everthing goes back to how it was before making the modification. The MIMO Monitor is connected to the ControlSpace ESP-00 using a POE injector. What am I doing wrong?

Hi AR,

Thanks for posting to let us know, and I'm sorry to hear of the trouble.  Would you be able to provide the ControlSpace Designer file and the Builder file?  I'd like to test it out to better understand the issue.

Additionally, can you test out your ControlSpace Remote build with Builder 2.7?  This was recently posted to Pro.Bose.com.  The Android file is posted as well for the MIMO.  

To update the remote client app on the MIMO

  • Download and extract the .apk file from the Pro.Bose.com website, which is labelled ControlSpace Remote - Client Software (Android) v2.7
  • Copy the extracted .apk file over to a USB thumb drive.  
  • Insert the thumb drive into the MIMO and navigate to it via the Android's Explorer application.
  • Click on the .apk file to install. 


Thank you,