Updating devices with CSD

I have a number of devices configured with CSD 5.5. I would like to bring them to CSD version 5.9.1. Can I do this in one step or should I use the versions in between to update firmware in order of the CSD versions?


regards, Phasor

Hi Phasor,


There's no reason to incrementally update. You should be able to use 5.9.1 to update all firmware. 


Be aware of some of the changes in 5.9.1 when updating.

New firmware on PowerMatch, as well as ESP and EX model processors, will change how DHCP functions. If a device is set to DHCP, without a server, but it shows a 192.168.0.x IP, once the new firmware is installed, it will take a new IP in the link local range (169.254.x.x/16). Just switch the PC to 'obtain IP automatically' if this is the case. If a DHCP server is being used already, or if the devices are set to static IPs, there is no change.


Besides this, any Dante-enabled device will also require a firmware update in Dante Updater. This can only be done after importing local dante firmware files from the ControlSpace Bin folder.





Thank you Chris,

I was just making sure that the latest version would carry out all of the changes and modifications that the previous versions would have contained.


Thank you for the Dante information too.