Upload and Download on PS Editor are confusing

Many customers who are familiar with CSD complaint about the definition of "Upload" and "Download" on PS Editor since these are opposite from CSD. They have been confused with the terms and would like Bose to :

1. Unify the terms (switch Upload and Download on PS Editor)

2. Show some figures to explain the meaning of Upload and Download on the Go-Online window like CSD


By the way, the description of  "Upload" and "Download" in the Help seems to be incorrect. I think that means even development team were confused with the mismatch between CSD and PS Editor, right?



Yes, please switch the order to match CSD logic.

Thank you for reporting this. Apparently it is broken in this version.

I will log it for next update.


Totally Agree, The message is confusing compared to the PowerMatch Amps.


PSE v2.2 fixes this discrepancy. Thanks for your inputs.