Using L1 Compact for a speaking engagement

I just wanted to thank those involved with the design, engineering, and product development of the Bose L1 Compact.

I’ve been a L1 Model II system owner (have 2 systems with B1s and T1s) for a few years now, that are used for our band performances. But, I hadn’t purchased a L1 Compact, like so many other musicians have here, because I really never thought I had a need for it, until now.

Recently, I was asked to do a presentation on the National Weather Services’ program called, SKYWARN. I’m active in the SKYWARN program in my local community. So, I thought, sure I can do that! Well, actually I have been thinking of things I’d like to do in the not too distant future, and giving these types of presentations/talks appeals to me. So, I thought, in order to do them properly, I needed some “tools”.

Well, I had everything else…the laptop, presentation software, projector, screen, etc., but didn’t want to use one of my L1 Model II’s for the amplification needs. Enter the Bose L1 Compact system.

WOW! It, combined with a wireless microphone system, is the ticket! It’s so light and easy to carry, plus setup/takedown, that I am so glad I decided to go with it! I used it for the first time today at a luncheon, and it was just too easy! Amazingly simple to use and covered the audience of 30 - 35 people in a typical hotel-sized banquet room with such ease. I was impressed, and so were a couple of other individuals that came up to me after my presentation and said, “we really enjoyed being able to hear you and enjoyed your presentation.” Smile Well, my feeling is, the Bose L1 Compact system helped me a lot, today! Thanks Bose…

– John Nell, July 28, 2011 –

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