Using L1 with 802s

Hello every one

Its been quiet a while since I have been on here.............boy has it changed

My question is regarding using 802s with my L1.........but first an outline of the Why, and my proposed How.

I have been using L1 s for a long time.........

The band is an acoustic duo, vocals acoustic guitar, dobro and mandolin, play folk, bluegrass western swing etc

The venues are bars......which are often busy and noisy

Everything sounds great when the audience are quiet or few in number but when its noisy we have to play loud and the quality and finesse goes out of the music and it all tends to become a Wall of noise.

Its a catch 22 situation, if the venue is quiet or the crowd small it all sounds lovely but the bar owner is not making any money and thus cant justify continuing to have us play................

If its busy.....well the bar owner is happy but the music also becomes much more difficult to make an impact on the crowd.......lots of complaints of not being heard/not loud enough......a cant win situation!

To a great extent I consider the L1 almost as another instrument in the band because of how it allows the over all sound to be carved and shaped......all great if its a concert situation with the audience sitting quietly, but not much good when its a busy noisy situation..........

My idea is as follows

Set the L1 up as it is intended 

Set the 802s on stands front of stage/house in the traditional manner for improved coverage.. line out from main output on T1 to 802 controller to power amp to 802s.....

My question is, will the sound quality and tone etc from the 802s have any relationship to the sound as EQed for the L1................I hope people can understand what I am asking.

From previous experience from years ago using my dynacord powered mixer to power various different speaker combinations the EQ settings for microphone, guitar etc always appeared to vary wildly to get acceptable sound quality. 

The reason I mention 802s is that that is what I have.....have them forever cant afford or justify spending any more money on equipment

Im sure others on here have used / or use a set up similar to what Im talking about/suggesting..........not necessarily using 802s

Im interested in opinion/experience.

My apologies if I have went on a bit too much, any help advise or opinion much appreciated  




Hi Vincent, I too feel your pain. I might suggest you keep the L1 behind as a monitor, center fill and line/main out to your 802s to fill the room when the room gets loud. Perhaps you could send the same main mix with reverb to a small mixer, and then to your main FOH?

Anyway, I look forward to hearing what others have to say.

Cheers, James

here's a quick test for you to try.... set up everything as you described, L1 behind you as a monitor, run the master out to your Bose 802 setup as (FOH).  Turn the volume completely off of the FOH and get your sound to be pleasing to your ear on stage thru the L1 only.  Then disconnect the line arrays and the subwoofer from the L1, so that you only have the powerstand and the T1 connected with all of your instruments still connected.  Then adjust your levels on the 802 setup for optimum front of the house sound.  Once that is done, reconnect everything on the L1 system, and rock the house.

by the way... The 802 setup is a GREAT way to go for FOH reinforcement.  I see no reason why you guys won't sound fantastic.

Apologies for the delay coming back

Thanks guys for the replies

I will try and get hold of a power amp and try it all out



Hi Vincent,

Please come back and tell us how it sounds.